My blog turn 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys and girls! My name is Sophie Carmo, and I am from “El Universo de Sophie Carmo”. Today my blog turns one year and I am very, very, very…happy.

I created it in april 2009. I lost my job as a journalist in a newspaper on-line and I decided to write in a personal blog about the same things I wrote in the newspaper: fashion, travels, hotels, restaurants, design, gastronomy… And, of course, I decided to publish my outfits too. I admit that my looks, my style is not very good. I have to learn a lot from you J jeje

In addition, I never thought that I would have a blog because I am very shy too. However, I was unemployed and I had a lot of free time. I thought that my blog could help me find a job. Those were very hard days but finally I found a job as a secretary.

Today my life has changed drastically also. I have work in a radio’s programme. I have studied a master’s degree (I love it. Now, I know that I like to study because it is very necessary and stimulating. Yes, it is great…My dream, in the future, is work to in a press office or in a news agency). I go to english’s class and, I have organized a party from my old school…Yes, I am very busy and tired…But, I like it..ejjej

However, at the moment, I can not leave my blog…It is like a drug… Every day I need to visit it and see the comments… I need to visit your blogs too and find news trends, new looks, news. I have also visit other places in the world, I have met a lot of people and I have improved my English.

Since april 2009 I have received more than 20.000 visits, more than 100 persons follow me every day and some of you give me seven prizes… I can’t believe it! Thanksssssssss!!!!! Today, I think it is necessary a change…What do you think???

¡Gracias por los comentarios!/ Thank you for your comments!

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6 Responses to My blog turn 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Muchas felicidades por este año y por todos los cambios que se han dado en tu vida!! Ya verás como aún quedan más cosas maravillosas para llegar a tu vida! Un beso

  2. Enhorabuena¡¡ya verás como poquito a poco con esfuerzo todo se consigue¡¡

  3. Felicidadess:) que linda en la foto.muá!

  4. ¡Felicidades Sofi!
    Keep on working hard and you'll get what you're looking for :-)

  5. Felicidades!!q mejor manera de celebrarlo q con esa imagen tan bonita..




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